The Center of the Splatterverse

This creative hub provides resources for playwrights, writers, theatre practitioners, journalists, photographers, musicians, and artists in general. It also provides snapshots of my stage plays.

I’ve approached the arts the way impassioned athletes approach sports: I’ve had to try them all. And I have failed spectacularly at all of them, excepting the five primary disciplines addressed here.

I’ve produced small-scale theatre, paid the bills as a journalist (and editor), sold a few photographs, and shown no apparent aptitude for music but, nonetheless, can’t stop trying. I enjoy all of these fields enough to immerse myself in their craft, culture, and history.

Creative writing, however, has long been my focus and the field in which I most often achieve a satisfying proficiency. Since 1990, drama has become my form. It best suits my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve fallen in love with it.

So I built this site to serve those working in (or interested in) the fields I know best, and to showcase my work as a playwright. Links have been chosen as tools: they’re intended to help artists do their jobs. I consider the site’s construction an ongoing endeavor. Like the actual universe, the splatterverse will continue to expand. (Check the About section for an explanation of the splatt.)

The site includes Splattworks, my blog, in which I write, perhaps unsurprisingly, about arts and culture.

The site includes: Playwriting, the Writer’s Life, Theatre, JournalismPhotographyMusic, and Various Obsessions. It also will never be finished. I hope.

Though I strive to make this site as professional as possible, there’s a great deal of material here, curated by one person, and I apologize for any typos, factual errors, or broken links. Revision will continue as part of the site’s development and maintenance.

If you find these resources useful—especially if they land you a gig—please let me know. The site’s here to serve you as much as it serves me.

Steve Patterson

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