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If you’re a professional writer, should you write a blog? The answer is: probably yes, if for no other reason that to keep in touch with your readers. You know that empty feeling you get when you’ve finished a really good book and you’re going to miss hanging out with its author? Blogs offer writers a means to continue the conversation and to build your readers’ anticipation when you have a new work coming out.

That said, most of the blogs listed here are less about writers and more about writing. They’re written for other writers and address everything from getting stuck to having more ideas that you can possibly handle. Mostly, they’re about loving words and literature.

There Are No Rules

Writer’s Digest discusses publishing, blogging, and technology for writers.

A Writer’s Life

A writer’s blog by television screenwriter and novelist Lee Goldberg.

All the World’s Our Page

Five fiction authors blog daily on professional writing.


A book editor and former teacher blogs about her love of literature.

Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris

Mystery writer Anne R. Allen’s weekly posts about publishing and marketing books in the digital age, with guest columnist Ruth Harris, a bestselling author.

Bad Language

A blog on writing, marketing, and technology.

Baggott Asher Bode

A novelist, essayist, and poet blogs about writing and culture.


Regularly published author interviews.

Best American Poetry Blog

A blog for the authors to discuss poems and poetry. With guest contributors and an array of useful links.

Book of Kells

Author Kelli Russell Agodon’s blog on writing and living creatively. Plus, she’s amusing.

Buzz, Balls, and Hype

Author MJ Rose offers insights into and advice about the publishing industry.

Liz and Lisa

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke co-created this site to celebrate books that women love.

Chicks Dig Poetry

Women also like poetry, which is why Sandra Beasley blogs about it.

Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed

Fiction writer PeeVee writes about the work. And chocolate.


Suggestions on content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting from the editorial team at CopyBlogger Media.

Jonahan Crossfield

A writing blog from a content marketer, columnist, and copywriter.

Courage to Create

Ollin Morales discusses the novel-writing process.

dbqp: visualizing poetics

“Visual poetry, the textural imagination, and personal experience” by Geof Huth. A visually striking site.

Dean Wesley Smith

The author of over 100 novels and hundreds of short stories across many genres blogs about writing and workshops.


Discusses poetry and disability, and includes reviews and discussions of contemporary poets writing about the subject (including Oregon’s terrific Floyd Skloot). Also offers contests and resources.

Djelloul Marbrook

An award-winning poet and journalist’s weblog, featuring essays on contemporary poets, contextualized with reflections on politics and culture.

Editorial Anonymous

Adventures of a children’s book editor. Who shall remain anonymous.

Evil Editor

A delightfully ruthless blog about the stuff writers do that get their manuscripts bounced. (We’ve all been there.)

Flogging the Quill

Novelist Ray Rhamey’s blog on storytelling.

Gently Read Literature

Essays and criticism of contemporary poetry and literary fiction.

Get Paid to Write Online

Pretty much what it says: Sharon Hurley Hall, a professional blogger, writes about writing and getting paid for it. Bravo.

Gienna Writes

A general writing blog by a working writer.

Goins Writer

Jeff Goins’ blog about writing, marketing, developing creative business ideas, and making a difference in the world. Includes writers resources.

Harriet, the Blog

A blog from the Poetry Foundation, almost a magazine unto itself.


Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s blog for children’s/young adult book writers and illustrators.

Jane Friedman

Media professor and speaker Jane Friedman discusses reading, writing, and publishing in the digital age.

Jody Hedlund

Novelist Jody Hedlund’s general writing blog.

Karen Woodward

Urban fantasy writer Karen Woodward addresses the writing process.

Kate Greenstreet’s Poetry Interviews Blog

Interviews with contemporary poets about their first book publishing experiences.

Ken Foster

A New York Times Notable Author, the writer of The Dogs Who Found Me, The Kind I’m Likely to Get, and Dogs I Have Met… discusses his publishing experiences.

Kill Zone

Eleven mystery writers blog on the craft and genre. One of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites for Authors.


Kirk McElhearn writes about Macs, iPods, iTunes, books, music, and more. Senior Contributor to Macworld (where he is The iTunes Guy); he is also contributes to TidBITS and several other websites and magazines.

Kris Writes

A prolific USA Today bestselling writer, working in almost every genre, writes of craft and the business.

LA Screenwriter

Screenwriter Angela Guess provides screenwriting tools, resources, and advice into one site to aid established and novice writers in improving their craft. A wealth of information as well as a blog.


Lisa Hartjes, a freelance writer and owner of Hart-felt Productions, a small publishing company in the role-playing game industry, addresses fiction writing. Her blog emphasizes worldbuilding, in that creating worlds for novels is much like creating worlds for role-playing games. Many useful links.

Literary Kicks

Bills itself as: Intellectual Curiosities and Provocations. It’s really a blog about literature and philosophy, art, history, religion, society, culture, music, politics, technology, nature, psychology, and, well…life.

Live Write Thrive

A novelist, copyeditor, and writing coach blogs on the writing process. She has a dog named Coltrane: how cool is that?

Max Barry

A novelist blogs and tweets on writing. Sense of humor, this guy.

Modern Confessional

A beautiful site where novelist and poet Collin Kelley addresses the writing life.

Moody Writing

Mooderino writes on being honest when bending the truth maybe more diplomatic. Also: writers, books, movies, plays, comedy, comedians, thinking, dreaming, and various banter.

Laila Lalami

Literary news, commentary, book reviews, and author interviews along with political and cultural pieces from a novelist and creative writing teacher.

Mother Writer Mentor

This multi-author blog, hosted by Tanya Pryputniewicz, offers: practical help for writing moms, and information on workshops and mentors.

My Machberet

A blog by Erika Dreifus, a fiction writer (who also runs the writers’ resource site The Practicing Writer), focuses on Jewish literary news.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Elizabeth Spann Craig posts on the publishing industry. She also shares writing-related links on Twitter as @elizabethscraig,  and she and Mike Fleming of Hiveword manage the Writer’s Knowledge Base, a free search engine to help writers find resources.

Neil Gaiman Journal

A journal by a cartoonist, novelist, playwright, and graphic novelist, with a shelf lined with awards (many for science fiction).


John Hewitt’s blog on writing, with an emphasis on craft.

Poke the Beehive

Writing and communication strategies for the “communication-challenged” by the non-communication-challenged Dan Hutson.

Read Roger

A blog on publishing and writing by Roger Sutton, an editor.

Red Lemon Club

Alex Mathers’ blog about creatives increasing their influence (without being fake).

Remarkable Communication

Hate marketing? Sonia Simone helps make this trying but necessary part of the writing process less difficult.

Savvy Verse & Wit

Technically a blog, but it covers such a wide area that it could also be in this site’s General Resources section. It addresses all forms of literature and has racked up a stack of awards. Good stuff.

Silliman’s Blog

Reflections on contemporary poetry and poetics from award-winning poet and editor Ron Silliman.

Talk in the Shadows

Fantasy writer Lynn Flewelling’s blog on craft, life, and promotion.

TED Talks

Technology Entertainment Design, a nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth sharing” presents talks from annual conferences about creativity. An amazing resource.

Terrible Minds

Fiction writer Chuck Wendig’s advice for writers. Wendig’s unique voice makes for a good read.

The Artist’s Road

Writer Patrick Ross’s blog addressing “an ongoing conversation among the blog’s author and its readers regarding the challenges and rewards of pursuing an art-committed life.”

The Other Side of the Story

The writing life and craft from Janice Hardy, a science fiction and fantasy writer for young adults.

The Positive Writer

Even deep, dark, serious writers can use a pep talk now and then.

The Prosperous Writer

Christina Katz writes about freelancing (and getting paid) in a digital world.

The Renegade Writer

Diana Burell and Linda Formichelli named their blog after their book on writing; both the blog and book seek to inspire the success of freelance journalists.

The Traveling Writer

Alexis Grant, an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, focuses on careers and the workplace, helping writers create the life they desire.

TimothyMcSweeney’s Internet Tendency

A writing blog by the editor of McSweeney’s Magazine.

Urban  Muse

Susan Johnston, a freelance writer, blogs on an array of writer-related topics. A popular blog, twice chosen as a Top 10 Blogs for Writers.

What Kate Did Next

Writer Kate Lord Brown covers books, art, music, and family.

Word Play

Fiction writer K. M.Weiland’s blog focuses on “helping writers become authors.” A 2013 Top 10 Writer’s Blog.


A blog for independent writers by Michelle V. Rafter, a technology reporter.


Margo Roby’s poetry blog emphasizes prompts to get writers rolling.

Write for Your Life

A weekly podcast on writing.

Write on the Fringes

Rosie Dub, a novelist and writing teacher, blogs on writing’s dangers, disappointments, and rewards.

Writer Beware: The Blog

Sponsored by the Science Fiction Writers of America, a blog by Victoria Strauss that exposes the many shucks and scams that target writers. Very useful, especially if you’re just getting started in the writing trade.

Writer Unboxed

On the craft and business of writing fiction.

Writing Travel

Travel tales, tips, and photographs for writers (and travelers).

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