This extremely idiosyncratic listing of sites for and about musicians should be considered a work in progress, and, with time, it will grow and be organized into categories. If you know of sites that players and listeners may find useful, shoot me an e-mail and tell me about them. Please, no band links (unless, from my tastes, you just think I might like their sound). The splatterverse is too big and complicated for me to review new bands, as much as I’d like to.

That said, the link immediately below leads to a discussion of bands or artists that I find interesting or, frankly, can’t live without.


An eclectic list, some of these artists most everyone knows. Others are relatively new or known to a very few. Consider the list neither exhaustive nor objective. With time, it’ll likely to change (or at least grow) because I’m always listening for a new sound.

Resources for musicians and those who love music follow.

 Music Resources

About Last Night TerryTeachout on the Arts in New York City.

After the Post Rock Discussion forum for all things post-rock, with side discussions on shoegaze, dream pop, and other manifestations of heavy reverb. Includes a discussion for musicians.

Audacity Excellent  open source software for sound manipulation.

Band Weblogs Music reviews, commentary, interviews, band press, new releases, and more

Blues Blast Jam Tracks Blues rhythm tracks suitable for jamming along with.

Culture and the Arts – ArtsBeat Blog The New York Times’ blog on the arts.

found-sound Records, tapes, and other artifacts discovered somewhere. An amazing array of oddness, from amateur musical performances to children telling stories. Good if you have a curious ear.

Freesound  A collection of  creative commons’ licensed recordings.

Gibson  Website of the venerable guitar brand.

Guitar Crazy  Portland-based guitar sales of excellent gear, run by a music veteran.

Guitar World  General purpose guitar magazine.

Harmony Central  Reviews, news, and discussion forums about the art, the gear, the business, and more. Registered users can posts gear reviews.

The Savvy Musician  General resources for musicians.

25 Best Music Sites   A list of 25 useful sites for those who love music, whether practitioners or listeners.

Indie Music News  Online magazine about independent musicians and labels.

The King of Gear. A site dedicated to the instruments and tools the band Radiohead uses to make their  amazing sounds.

Kompoz  A site dedicated to facilitating collaboration among musicians.

Lies Like Truth ChloeVeltman’s blog on culture, with an emphasis on music.

Life’s a Pitch  The art and craft of selling the arts, with an emphasis on music.

Music Biz Academy The Business of selling, promoting, or creating music on the Internet.

Music Business Solutions Helping musicians, songwriters, and others in the music industry start and develop successful music businesses.

Musicradar General music news.

Nugazer  Terrific blog with an ear for modern shoegaze-inspired music, with artists’ sound and Youtube clips. It’s turned me on to a bunch of great sounds, including some Portland artists I’d previously not heard of.

Pandora  One of the major online radio stations, where you can create stations tied to particular artists or genres.

Pono NeilYoung’s upcoming, high-definition digital music technology. Neil says it’ll deliver master-tape quality. It’s been in the works for awhile, but is currently slated to launch in 2014.

Portland Waterfront Blues Festival Portland’s summer blues blowout, which raises money for the Oregon Food Bank.

Premiere Guitar  General-purpose guitar magazine: interviews, gear reviews, some good columns and top guitar writers.

Radio Lost and Found An absolutely wonderful (and demented) radio program airing on Portland’s independent KBOO radio, which mixes together some of the strangest (and sometimes great) music into a freeform collage. You can listen to it live via KBOO or download the shows as MP3s. Highly recommended.

Reverb Gear  Sells guitar gear, with a good selection and sometimes offering rarities. (When are you going to find a Boss PS-2, guys?)

Reverb Records  Portland-based, shoegaze-oriented record label. Home of the High Violets.

Rhapsody  Online, subscription-based music source. You can buy or rent from an vast collection.

RogerEvansOnline  Music, humanities, letters, and media.

Shoegaze Forum  General discussion of shoegaze, for listeners and musicians.

Soundcloud  Vaguely controversial music site (Radiohead’s ThomYorke has gone out of his way to express his disfavor with them) that offers music clips from musicians in many genres and at many skill levels. Does it aid or exploit musicians? That’s up to you to decide. I have found some good music there.

Straight Up – Jan Herman Arts, media, & culture news with a certain attitude. Which we can all use a little more of.

WFMU  Stated with humility, the world’s greatest radio station. Based in New York City, you’ll never know what the hell you’ll hear when you turn it on. Offers streaming audio; so you can tune in somewhere in the silver and turquoise wilds of New Mexico and crank up the Bad Brains at 8:00 in the morning.

WFMU’s Freeform Radio Links  A great set of links from the people who know everything about every kind of music and are willing to tell you so. Warning: this site can consume huge amount of time.

When the Sun Hits Another good shoegaze-oriented blog, covering the classic shoegaze bands and current practitioners.

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