The Writer’s Life

The Writer’s Life section includes the following subsections:

Writing Blogs

  • With an emphasis on information and insights from professional writers. I’ve tried to choose sites that have their own fresh voices.

Writing Communities

  • Sites where writers can gather to connect, share notes and information, critique one another’s work, or just speak their minds. The profession requires spending time alone; these sites can ease off on the isolation. Plus it’s heartening to know other writers are experiencing the same troubles (and triumphs) as you are.

The Writing Craft

  • How to make it work, in many different forms and disciplines. There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to sort through sometimes. Here’s hoping to shed a little light on the trail.

General Writing Resources

  • Either generalist sites that cover a little bit of everything, or sites that don’t quite fit into the other categories. There’s some amazing stuff out there.

Eventually, The Writer’s Life will include resources on: funding, literary agents, literary magazines, marketing, submission opportunities, and various tools to help get the work done. Check back to see what’s new.

The following generalist sites can help you get started:


  • Information on the publishing industry, literary agents, some information on what editors are looking for, as well as new books coming out, writing links, and links to established writers.

Poets & Writers

  • Many, many writing topics, mostly for prose and poetry. The site’s Speakeasy forum is a good place to share triumphs and tragedies with other writers as well as bitch, moan, and pick up market tips. Kind of an ongoing writer’s conference where you don’t have to eat the stale cookies.

Every Writers Resource

  • Vast, vast resources, on almost every facet of writing.



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