Playwrights’ Blogs and Sites

Obviously, thousands of playwrights practice the craft. Not all of them blog or maintain a web presence, which should not reflect upon the strength of their work. The following listings present writers with active, interesting blogs, or with useful or clever websites.

Generally, I did not include writers who don’t identify or tell about themselves (it’s amazing how many folks launch and write a blog, and never explain who they are). I also excluded blogs that appeared to be inactive.

Besides giving readers a chance to meeting some unique people, checking in on other playwrights’ experiences can make a writer feel a little less alone. You can also learn about theatres or other venues that may be suitable for your work. And, of course, you might cross a few places off your list. (Again, do your research.)

If you’d like to have your blog or site included in these listings, drop me a line, but please remember that blogs should be considered active (with posts made within the last three or four months), and blogs and sites should present material of interest to other writers, not just serving as a vehicle for self-promotion (though, understandably, that an acceptable part of the equation).

Adam Blatner’s Blog

A retired psychiatrist, Mr.Blatner’s writes about psychodrama, “a complex of role-playing-like tools and concepts that can be used to amplify the nature of communications, and be applied to enhance the effectiveness of therapy, education, and other forms of applied drama.”

Adam Szymkowicz

A widely published and produced playwright presents advice for new playwrights and interviews practicing playwrights. A lot of playwrights. A book’s worth of playwrights. [Full disclosure: Yes, he’s interviewed me.]

An Angry White Guy in Chicago

A blog by DonHall, a storyteller, cultural organizer, events producer, provocateur, podcaster, actor, and director. Founding Director of WNEP Theater.

Christopher Wall

Mr.Wall’s plays have been developed at Abingdon in New York, Kitchen Dog in Dallas, RoundHouse in Maryland, HotCity in St. Louis, and at the Last Frontier Theater Conference. He’s been a finalist at the O’Neill Playwrights Conference, Sundance, New Harmony, and other festivals.

Daily Dojo of Joshua James

A blog by a New York-based playwright, whose works have been produced across the U.S., including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York City, as well as London. He makes me feel a little better about having “prolific” sutured to my name.

Damian Trasler’s Secret Blog

Mr.Trasler’s blog discusses “secret information” about life, plays, and Canada.


Writing a mixture of verse, prose, realism, and avant-garde, Mr.Trujillo’s work has been produced across the U.S.

Duane Kelly

Seattle-based playwright and Dramatists Guild representative for Washington.

Essential Theatre

Essential Theatre provides support for the creation of new dramatic literature; not a playwright’s blog, but their heart’s in the right place.

Friends in Film

Friends in Film helps actors and writers gain entry to the film industry.


LauraAxelrod’s blog about “thrillers, theater, books, and acting.” She also delightfully deconstructs advertising. Her plays and monologues have been performed in the U.S. and Europe.

Geralyn Horton

An actor, author, and critic as well as a playwright, her site provides: full texts of many of her plays; over 100 free monologues for student actors and teachers for class use and in auditions or contests; and a blog for her essays and opinions.

Greg Romero

A playwright and theater artist, originally from Louisiana and currently based in Philadelphia. His plays, site-specific projects, and participatory live events have been presented across the U.S.

Gwydion Suilebhan

Playwright and IT wizard, helping to link playwrights, theatre, the blogosphere, Twitter, and other resources. Plus he’s the Dramatists Guild rep for WashingtonD.C. A guy to watch.

Hal Brooks

A director’s theatre observations, interviews, and personal insights. I include him here because he’s so locked into development of new work.


JamesComtois’ musings as a playwright and “armchair thinker.”

Jason Grote

Playwright and screenwriter. (Though his blog hasn’t been updated for awhile, it’s worth checking out as he’s a fine writer finding a home for his work.)

John Hendel

A playwright based in Los Angeles. He’s had a couple short plays put up in New York. His blog addresses 64 plays he wrote in 64 days. You’ll have to check it out to find out why 64 was the magic number.

Kristoffer Diaz

A playwright and teacher in Brooklyn.

Love’s Labors Lost

A playwright writes on diversity, social justice, and indie theatre.

Marisella Torta

The literary excursions of a playwright and poet.

New Jersey Young Playwrights

A blog supporting young playwrights in New Jersey and beyond.

On Theatre and Politics

MatthewFreeman’s blog explores his experiences as a playwright and freelance writer.

Ontological-Hysteric Theater Production Blog

The site hasn’t been active for some time, but it’s still engaging to read of RichardForeman’s work and process.

Paula J. Caplan

A clinical and research psychologist, Ms.Caplan writes books and plays, and is an actor, director, and activist.

Plays and Playwrights

A blog by the NYTE Small Press, which publishes plays by emerging playwrights.

Ruben Carbajal

Mr.Carbajal offer playwriting and copywriting in blog form. Odd but intriguing.

The Jobbing Scriptwriter

PhilBarron’s blog about playwriting. As he puts it: making all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

The Next Stage

A weirdly wonderful blog from Simon, a founding member and writer-in-residence of Lyric Stage Project. He also has been producing, directing, and acting in independent stage productions.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Spork

JamesMoran shares his writing experiences. And an offbeat, droll sense of humor.

Theatre, Culture, Politics & Stuff I Like

DavidJohnson’s blog about the theater industry and his work.

Thom Dunn

Tony Award-winning, Boston-based writer, musician, homebrewer, and new media artist. Contributes to the blog Five by Five Hundred in which seven writers contribute 500-word posts seven days per week—an interesting concept in collaboration. Web and new media manager at the Huntington Theatre Company.


A variety of observations from TravS.D., a playwright, actor, cartoonist, and more or less a Renaissance guy.


An Edward Albee Fellow and National Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Vanda was profiled in The Dramatists’ cover story “50 [playwrights] To Watch.”

We Play Different

The Blog @ Boston Court discusses the play-creation process and the lessons it offers.

Other Playwriting Resources

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