Playwrights’ resources have been arranged as follows:

All these sites should be considered as starting points: playwrights must conduct their own research to find appropriate theatres for their work or theatre professionals to serve as champions for their plays. Still, it can be helpful to find out what going on in the theatre community and reassuring to read of other playwrights’ trials, triumphs, and hard-earned humor (no matter what’s happened to you, good or bad, it’s happened to someone else). The more information you have, the better able you’ll be to piece together the theatre industry mosaic. I also urge playwrights to check out this site’s Theatrical Resources and Writing Resources.

Finally, these listings derive from a variety of resources, some annotated, some not. Though I’ve tried to look through each site to offer my own take on it, a lot of resources follow, and I apologize if I’ve liberated any particular phrasings from other sites. If you encounter broken links, misinformation, or questionable practices, please inform me.

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