Theatre Blogs

About Last Night

Arts in New York City by Terry Teachout, playwright and theatre critic for the Wall Street Journal.

Balancing Acts

Robin Rothstein, a playwright and a New York theatre professional, podcasts on “Surviving and Thriving in the Theater.”

Bitter Lemons

Bringing the L.A. theatre community together (“whether they like it or not”).

Butts in the Seats

Joe Patti, the Director of the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts at Shawnee State University, blogs on arts management and marketing. When you break it all down, if you don’t have this element together, you don’t have theatre.

Cara Joy David

The Huffington Post’s entertainment editor.

Caviglia’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Writer, director, and illustrator Caviglia writes on theatre, art, and film.

Chris Jones

The Chicago Tribune’s theatre critic.

Creating Theatre

This thoughtful blog by Julian Bryant, a theatre professional and teacher, features essays on theatre’s business, philosophical, and pragmatic aspects.


What began as a blog has become a hub for the artistic community (sounds familiar): includes interviews, videos, essays, and more.

Elissa Goetschius

Observations on theatre from a director and collaborative artist, covering the D.C. scene, diversity, female directors, new plays, and more.

Extra Criticum

Performing arts professionals trade opinions and ideas on this multi-author blog about theatre and other performing arts.

Flux Theatre 

Gus Schulenberg, Associate Director of Communications for Theatre Communications Group (TCG; see under Organizations) as well as a playwright and director, writes on theatre and Flux, his company.

George Hunka

Artistic director of theatre minima; also a playwright and essayist.


Reviews and commentary on Australian theatre, with links to other resources.

Guava Puree

David Hancock Turner’s essays on the stage.

Henslowe’s Diary

Covers non-profit theatre management.

Howard Sherman

Theatre and arts commentary from the former executive director of the American Theatre Wing.

Jim Hutchinson

A blog from a theatrical lighting wizard.

John Geoffrion

A Boston-based actor writes on a career in theatre and middle life (as he puts it, whichever comes first).

Jonathan Mandell

New York theatre reviews and news.

LA Stageblog

An actor’s blog, navigating the L.A. theatre scene.

Lies Like Truth

Chloe Veltman (freelance culture correspondent for the New York Times) writes an arts journal on “how culture will save the world.”

Life’s a Pitch

Arts marketing from Amanda Ameer, a professional publicist with wide-ranging interests.

Light Que 23

Not a blog, but a cool gallery page by lighting designer and visual artist Lucas Krech.

Lois Dawson

Behind the scenes with a professional stage manager. If you want to know how theatre really works, this is a place to start.

London Theatre Blog

As much a magazine as blog, covering London’s theatre scene.

Megan Mooney

From a website of a Toronto theatre, Mooney seeks to demystify the theatre industry.

Megan Reilly

An Austin-based lighting designer and visual artist writes on theater, both as an art and as a craft.

Mill 6 Collaborative

A theatre collaborative, which seeks to bring plays (and playwrights) they love to Boston, blogs on the theatre life.

Monkeyhouse: Connect 2 Choreography

This nonprofit, which strives connects communities through choreography, presents interviews with and profiles on artists.

Nicole Stodard

On art, life, and theatre from the artistic director of Thinking Cap Theatre.

Obscene Jester

A performance art blog (with a great title).

Off-Off Blogway

Non-Broadway theatre news. Sometimes way off-off-off Broadway.


Isaac Butler’s excellent, engaging, and long-running theatre blog: he’s very much tied into current theatre industry issues.

Pirate Dog

Theatre news from journalist, broadcaster, and critic Aleks Sierz, the author of In-Yer-Face Theatre: British Drama Today and other books.

Producer’s Perspective

Ken Davenport, a Broadway producer, blogs on Broadway and other theatre news. An informative perspective.

Sabrina Evertt

An events and arts blog from director Evertt’s Twenty Something Theatre in Vancouver B.C.

Stages and Pages

Writer, editor, and theatre professional Francine L. Trevens reviews books, movies, and stage productions.

That Sounds Cool

Aaron Riccio, a creative writer, critic, and editor, serves up his “opinionated” take on theatre.

The Clyde Fitch Report

Arts and politics from a number of writers, with an emphasis on theatre.

The Drama Teacher

Justin Cash writes on teaching drama and offers resources for other teachers.

The Feminist Spectator

Writer and Professor Jill Dolan covers theatre, performance, film, and television, “focusing on gender, sexuality, race, other identities and overlaps, and our common humanity.”

The Fifth Wall

Theatre criticism from Aaron Grunfeld, a New York freelance critic and dramaturg.

The Wicked Stage

Rob Weinert-Kendt, associate editor of American Theatre magazine, has been blogging on theatre for over a decade. He’s written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Variety, Newsday, Village Voice, Time Out NY, The Guardian, and The San Francisco Chronicle, and was the founding editor of Back Stage West.

Theater of Ideas

Ideas on theater, science, philosophy, and more, from Edward Einhorn, the artistic director of Untitled Theatre Company.

Theatre Bay Area Chatterbox

Editorial blog from the San Francisco Bay Area’s theatre magazine. The site includes other resources: a job board, grants, research, and an events calendar.

Theatre Talk 

A tied-in, professional vlog on contemporary theatre: reviews, interviews.

Theatre Thoughts Blog

Actor and playwright (and magician) Dominic reviews theatre and reflects on the theatrical life through this popular blog. Features posts such as: “Brecht is Fun.” (Yes. Yes he is. If you like a certain kind of fun.)

Thomas Cott

Marketing director at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Check out “You’ve Got Mail.”

Tony Adams

A theatre blog by the artistic director of Chicago’s Halcyon Theatre. “Things We Love” is a nice feature.

Travis Bedard

An excellent blog from Austin’s Cambiare Productions; provides a wealth of resources.

Violence of Articulation

Jess Hutchinson, a Chicago theatre director transplanted to Austin, writes on theatre, SXSW, and more.

Wayne C.

Most recently chronicling production of the fringe theatre play “Never Fall in Love with a Writer” (sound advice).

West End Whingers

Covering London’s West End theatre scene. Includes the “Zero Stars Hall of Fame”—not a distinction one covets.

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