The Theatre Resources section breaks down into the following categories:

Theatre Blogs

  • This section contains so many interests and viewpoints that it’s difficult to characterize, other than, by and large, the authors care enough about theatre to write about it regularly…and often passionately.

Conferences and Festivals

  • Where many shall be called together…. Theatre people tend to be social, but they also tend to work in specialized fields. Conferences and festivals offer a chance to network and to find others with common interests. They also feature excellent parties.


  • Nuts and bolts: how to make things shine, shimmer, and not fall over when an actor leans on it.


  • Largely, theatre training programs or groups promoting theatre education.


  • News, general information sites, and a few sites too unusual to characterize.


  • From Actors Equity to technical theatre support. If theatre can be broken  into a discipline, there appears to be an organization to support it.


  • Online publications addressing an array of subjects, information and archives for hardcopy publications, and play publishers.


  • Materials for dramaturgs, scholars, students, and theatre history enthusiasts. And you, if you want to check out 19th Century playbills.

Note: One thing I’m not doing with the Theatre Resources section is listing individual theatre companies. Nothing against them, of course; it’s just that they change so quickly that keeping up with them falls beyond this site’s scope. I do, however, provide links to sites that cover theatre companies; if you’re looking for a company (or a kind of company), try the General section.

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