General Writing Resources

50 of the Best Websites for Writers gathers links for writers. Includes research references, general writing sites, fiction sites, nonfiction sites, and freelancing.

50 Useful Open Source Resources For Writers and Writing Majors

When they say resources, they generally mean programs, whether online or as software: word processing, time management, notekeeping, submission records, and so on.

101 Best Sites for Writers

From Writer’s Digest magazine, just what it says: a compendium of writers’ resources. Though free, you have to download it, and, for that you have to register with their site.

Absolute Write

Another big resource site, offering feature articles, classifieds, interviews, message boards, and writing contests. Many “how to” articles.

ASBPE Editorial/Magazine Publishing Resources

The American Society of Business Publication Editors’ website provides links for journalists, including: trade associations, reference sites, job markets, legal matters, publishing, freelancing, media companies, government information, journalism schools, and industry news. Of note, it offers links to art sources, useful to artists and photographers as well as web designers and bloggers.

Authors Access

Provides free, downloadable podcasts of interviews, designed to help authors better manage their careers. Covers a wide variety of subjects from a writing point of view, such as copyrights, social media, bookstores, and technology.

Baby Names

A handy way to come up with character names, with searches by gender, origin, and letter. You can also find a name for your kid, if that’s an issue.


Authors discuss just where those ideas come from and how they make the transition into work.

Book Editing Associates

Basically, a network of copyeditors serving writers, literary agents, and publishers. Services include: developmental editing, proofreading, critiques, book proposals, query letters, book promotions, and creative writing instruction.


Every day, writers and publishers produce digital books at increasing rates. It’s a new world, but how do you keep up with it—what’s being published and where? BookBub offers one solution: alerting members when publishers make promotional copies available, free or at discounts, and offer books as downloads. Clever. At the close of 2013, the site had close to two million members.


A cross between Netflix and a library, customers can rent up to 15 books at a time, without late fees, due dates, or shipping costs. The service offers more than 250,000 paperback or 36,000 audiobook titles.


An online magazine on writing, books, and publishing, with features, reviews, columnists, and a bookstore. A popular site.


Publishing industry news, slanted for writers, and with a gently irreverent voice. A useful set of links.

Daily s-Press

Reviews new prose and poetry books from small independent presses, often looking at authors not covered elsewhere.


Sends subscribers daily serialized installments of books by email or RSS feed. Offers over 1,000 classic and contemporary books, available for free or on a pay-per-read basis (with sample installments available for free). The site includes a discussion forum to share reviews and book lists.

Every Writer’s Resource

A sort of writer’s ultimate compendium of articles, interviews, forums, classifieds, literary magazines, and more. Maybe the best home page for writers (except for this one, of course).

Experiences With Editors

In an ongoing series, published authors discuss their relationships with editors. Part of the Emerging Writers Network.

A generalist site with an emphasis on science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Includes markets, publishers, contests, agents, writers groups, author sites, writing resources, conferences, and discussion forums.

Freelance Writing Organization International

Provides a large, searchable database of writing resources, plus writing job notices, funds and grants for writers, portfolio listings, and a reference library.

Google Books

A useful reference for finding phrases, quotes, photos, and book passages.

High Beam Encyclopedia

A search engine for published reference sources, including over 60 million articles and an online dictionary.


A news site for independent presses (and their authors). Features, columns, reviews, and author interviews.

Institute of Children’s Literature

Resources for authors of books for children and young adults. Writing courses, contests, a bookstore, and more.

Interviews with Practicing Writers

Includes a writer’s e-newsletter, markets, contests, and writing advice. Plus, naturally, interviews.

Late Night Library

Promotes emerging writers. The site includes: the Late Night Debut and Late Night Conversation podcasts; multi-genre events in Brooklyn and Portland (In and Out of Town Reading Series); a visiting writers series in Portland at Northwest Academy; a national campaign to support independent bookstores and publishers; an annual prize for early-career authors; and a literary journal, featuring book reviews and interviews with early career authors (the Late Night Review).

Legal Resources for Writers

Information on trademarks, copyrights, permissions requests, and more. Includes links to free legal resources and trademark searches.

Library of Congress

An online library of books, letters, manuscripts, photos, and other printed materials, plus an Ask a Librarian feature, chat rooms, and a National Jukebox. This is one reason we pay taxes. It’s another reason why some people never leave the house.

Literary Law Guide

Provides legal resources and copyright information for writers.

Literary Societies and Associations

Lists of organizations that support writers, often specialized by region or genre. Part of the Winning Writers website.

Merriam-Webster Online

An online version of one of the best English language dictionaries available. The site also includes: a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, podcasts, word games, and much more for word freaks. You know who you are.


National Novel Writing Month challenges writers to compose 50,000-word novels between November 1 and November 31 every year. Mad, but people do this. The site provides articles, forums, and motivators.

News for Writers

News about poets, authors, media, and publishers. Includes a magazine, resources, blogs, and courses.

Poetry of War

Sites, journals, books, and poems about war. Comes in handy if it’s your subject or you just want to understand the nature of conflicts.

Poetry Prompts from A Gallery of Readers

Poet and writing instructor RobinBarber provides an array of writing prompts. You may never need them, but they also might kick open a stuck door.

Poets & Writers

The website for the long-running writers magazine. In addition to the magazine itself, the site presents contests, grants, publishing news, small press listings, prompts, markets, and includes an online community. They do know what writers want.


A guide to creating and maintaining a blog, with an emphasis on making it pay.

Project Gutenberg

A massive library of free books, with over 100,000 titles.

Prose and Poetry Advice for All Writers

A writing advice column by a poetry contest judge.

Publisher’s Weekly

The publishing industry’s trade magazine; a mix of free and subscription-based materials. Includes a job board and library news. And, of course, all those reviews writers dream of reading about their books.

Review Outlets Database

From Poets & Writers Magazine, a searchable database of periodicals and websites that publish book reviews.

Saison Poetry Library

A comprehensive, accessible collection of British poetry.

Scam Busting Sites

A collection of sites to guide you in identifying contests and other marketing shticks that seem too good to be true…because they aren’t. Includes links to resources that fight scams. Very cool.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

One of the oldest and best non-profit writers’ organizations, SFWA provides members with an array of resources, publications, and professional protection. Science fiction people may squabble, but they take care of their own.


A literary news site for contemporary short fiction in the UK and Ireland. Listings include literary events, marketing, and authors by genre.

The Authors Show

Interviews with writer about their published and self-published books. Includes a contact form to submit your name for an interview.

The Chapbook Review

Reviews new poetry and literary prose chapbooks. Includes critical essays and interviews with authors and publishers.

The Character Therapist

JeannieCampbell, LMFT, serves as sort of Dear Abby for your characters. No, really. Provides an archive full of psychological maladies. Awesome. (Though not for hypochondriacs.)

The Freelance Home Writer

A general freelancing site, with job listings, writing techniques, and other resources.

The Passive Voice

A blog about the publishing industry: news and commentary. Multiple authors.

The Practicing Writer

This free monthly e-newsletter focusing on writing craft and business includes: articles, interviews, contests, and calls for submissions.

The Publishing Law Center

Legal information for writers, such as trademarks, copyright, intellectual property, and contracts.

The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource

A generalist site providing apps, services, resources, tools, posts, and communities for writers and bloggers.

The Writer’s Knowledge Base:

A searchable collection of articles for writers, addressing craft, publication, promotion, and more. Brought to life through Twitter.

The Writer’s Hotel at The New Guard

The teaching and editorial site of the literary journal The New Guard. Offers manuscript evaluation, private creative writing instruction, virtual workshops, and copyediting and proofreading.

Travel Writers Exchange

How-to for travel writers, with an emphasis on productive practices. Includes a forum where members can share information. Might be of interest to armchair travelers as well…or writers researching foreign locales.


Crowdfunding for book publishing. Authors pitch book ideas on the site, seeking support. Supporters receive access to the creative process, including book updates, interviews, draft chapters, information about the author’s backlist, and discussions with the author and other supporters. And, of course, a copy of the finished book.


A blog from a writing consultant collective, featuring weekly “Submission Sunday” posts that share calls for submission requests from literary journals.

Working Writers Newsletter

A subscription service for writers; includes contests, calls for submissions, literary conferences and events, and publishing news.

Wow! Women on Writing

An ezine that seeks to promote communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and readers. Includes a blog, contest information, classes, and resources.

Writer’s Digest

Website for the venerable writing magazine. Offers articles, a community that includes a forum, lists of competitions, education, and resources, plus a downloadable “101 Best Websites for Writers.”

Writer’s FM

A radio station created by writers, for writers, it broadcasts 24/7, offering “upbeat” music (to get over those rejections, I guess), live interviews, podcasts, and more.

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