Steve Patterson 2013 revWhen you add up all the full-lengths, one-acts, and short pieces, I’ve written over 50 plays since 1990, and I’ve lost count of how many productions I’ve had. My work has been staged in Portland (where I live), Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Tampa, Brooklyn, and elsewhere in the United States as well as in Canada and New Zealand.

My full-length plays include: Immaterial MattersWaiting on Sean FlynnNext of Kin, Farmhouse, Malaria, Controlled Burn, Altered States of America, The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Grandamnus, Bluer Than Midnight, Bombardment, Depth of Field, Dead of Winter (a trio of ghost stories), and Delusion of Darkness.

Awards include:

For 18 years, I also served as co-artistic director (with fine artist Kyle Evans and Professor Lisa L. Abbott) of Pavement Productions, a Portland theatre company specializing in solely staging new works. In 2008, I hung up my somewhat battered producer’s cap to concentrate on my own writing.

In addition to plays, I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and lyrics. I also am a semi-professional photographer, with a portfolio on Photo.net and work published in newspapers and literary magazines.

I’ve also worked as a journalist, a book editor, and an advertising copy writer. For the last 20 years, I’ve worked as a technical editor.

So, at this point, you really have to know more about me? Here’s what my friends say (as a member of Playwrights West):

Film by Tommy Harrington. You can see more of Tommy’s fine work at: www.24portland.com

Addendum: About that Splatt Thing….

Over the years, I’ve had sites such as Splattworks, Splatworld, and Splattsights. Whereth come the splat? Back in the 80s, some good writer friends made a mark writing “splatterpunk” horror novels: graphic but modern and funny horror novels (in short, bloody and punk). Although I don’t work in that vein–despite my work’s sometimes edgy elements, when the Internet came along and I needed an e-mail address, I scrambled some letters in my name and came up with Splatterson. Over the years, the splat just…stuck.

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