At the risk of whining…

…these are the kinds of attitudes playwrights are up against:

‘Outrageous Fortune’: Playwright book full of whine and din

Please say this with me, in your best Neil Young impression: “All we want is to be paid enough to able to write at least part-time. We don’t even care about health insurance or retirement.”

I know. It’s disgusting of us to say such things. I hereby apologize for all playwrights everywhere and for all time.

P.S.: No insult intended to Mr. Young, whose work I very much enjoy.

P.P.S: No insult intended, either, to all critics, some of whose work I very much enjoy.

The Greatest Painting Ever Told

I would never knowingly poke fun at anyone’s religion. It’s just not my thing, and I respect the personal belief systems of others and honor their right to follow their faith…so long as it doesn’t involve grabbing a hold of me and holding me underwater until I shake off Satan.

But I do reserve the right to make fun of art. Especially bad art. Art so bad it’s almost good. To whit, the art and link below which, I’m afraid, are just not so terribly good at all. In other words, delightful beyond words. View mere mortals, and tremble!

(Note: the trick to really enjoying this piece requires mousing your arrow over the various faces to read the footnotes.)

The Greatest Painting Ever Told

True cool? Fact-finding mission.


This is just a weird little notion rocking around my brain but I was trying to think of who, after experiencing the junkyard cool that is Tom Waits, who is or was the epitome of the coolness, and not some kind of popularity cool or new cool, but…an eternal cool. A cool so blue that it transcends.

Your suggestions are welcome. No answer is right or wrong. Unless you say “Kool and the Gang.” Here’s my Top 10, in ascending order, but 10 could 1 and one could be 10, etc. Naturally, no names are necessary.










(And granted, if you have to ask what’s cool, as Louis Armstrong said about jazz, you’ll probably never know.)

Below is a simple comparison and contrast of what is and what is not cool:
cool/not cool