Update: Rep. Ben Cannon

As I noted a couple days ago, I sent a strongly worded note to State Representative Ben Cannon about the Oregon legislature’s plan to, uh…”steal” I believe is the right word…steal from Oregon Cultural Trust, and I thought I’d let you know what I’ve heard back….

Well. You know. Ah….how’s the best way to put this? Hmm.

Nothing. I’ve heard nothing

But…he’s probably busy. Or something. Else. Maybe he’ll get back to me when he’s done…with his bike ride! That’s it. He’s out biking! How silly of me. Take your time, Ben. I’ll be right here. Waiting. You know, to see if you’re going to vote for ripping off money people have donated specifically for the arts. It’s not like it’s about anything important. The arts. Like, you know, about anything people have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to. Stuff where, say, they work two or three jobs so they can eke out a few hours to do the thing they love. Shit, I mean, who even remembers, say, 500 hundred years ago, what any artists were doing? Ha! As if. Like that one, uh…oh damn. Shakespeare? Was that was the guy’s name? (Sorry…I’m really just guessing here. Off the top of my head. It might have been Bacon or Johnson or something. The guy, you know, he wrote “A Midsummers…” ah…something or other. It had “summer” in it. Or was it “winter”? Maybe it was both.)

The main this is: no! Hell no! People don’t remember any of that shit. They remember the important things. Like…you know, the name of the mayor of Stratford. England. Five-hundred years ago. Guy was, uh…his name was, uh…oh damn. It was on the tip of my tongue, I swear. I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, I’ll just hang out here, Ben. Whenever you get back. Dried off. You know.


Hmm-hmm-umm. Hmm. Look. Pigeons. Flying around and stuff.