The Show Must Go On

I awoke this morning to the radio announcer saying the Santa Ana winds were dying down and kind of took a deep breath: much misery to come in California, but maybe containment can begin.

Meanwhile, right in the apparent indie art vortex of the universe (I guess they’re talking about Portland in New York or something), here’s some info regarding “Frenching the Bones,” a fun, one-night show I’m involved with, written up on Mead Hunter’s witty Pu Pu Platter blog:

Tuesday, October 30th…mark your calendars. It’s free and it’s going to fill up quickly. And the plays are, uh, well, absolutely wrong…in the best possible way.

So a good part of San Diego County burns down and the media annoints Portland as the Next Big Thing; I predict property values will go up.*


[Note: Not to be interpreted as flip. I can’t tell you how much California’s disaster pains me. San Diego County is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, rich in history and talented folks. Here’s wishing them safety and recovery.]

One thought on “The Show Must Go On

  1. You didn’t sound flip to me, Steve. I understand well the need to be ironic and bluff in the face of the overwhelming. As another generation used to put it, it’s “whistling past the graveyard.” I too hold San Diego County dear, and keep watching the latest reports compulsively.Thank you for mentioning my blog and the Frenching the Bones escapade. That evening, our pre-All Hallows bash, will do much to exorcise some demons.

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