4 thoughts on “‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

  1. I can’t stop playing this tape. SP. Most cool! By the way — probably you know this, but the fourth or fifth cut, the second one labeled as unknown, is “Lather” by the fab Jefferson Airplane. With the totally OG Gracie Slick on vocals, mais oui.

  2. Thanks, Mead. I’ve actually been listening to it this AM too. For some odd reason, a couple of the cuts popped as “unknown” such as “Lather” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” by the Byrds. Who knows? “Walk on the Wild Side” also unfortunately cuts out at the end, so I’ll have to tweak it a bit. But it was a kick to pull together.

  3. the only thing saving me from getting sucked into this whole mix tape loop (ha) is two children demaning my attention. Buuuuttt I could put in a video for them and let the bad mamma out…wahahah

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