The Ship is Under Sail

Well, the End of the Pavement Micro New Works Festival (or EPMNWF for the acronym crazed) has been officially launched in high style.

This weekend was Nick Zagone’s “The Muffin,” which was well received by appreciative audiences and featured fine performances by Hunt Holman and Cassie Skauge and nuanced direction by Katherine Zagone. Post-show audiences were chatty and happy, which is always a good sign. (If you’re a producer or director out there looking for a wicked little two-hander that would work well as a late-night, let me know, and I can put you in touch with Nick.) Thanks to all my co-conspirators and our audiences who took off an absolutely perfect Portland summer night to take a chance on a new play.

Next up on Friday and Saturday is Matthew B. Zrebski’s “Rubber ‘n’ Glue”–which fits into the category of “and now for something completely different” and features a fine cast and direction also by the talented Mr. Zrebski. Reservations are already piling up, so give me a call at 503-312-6665 or e-mail at because the Back Door is a relatively small theatre and fills quickly.

My play “Farmhouse” opens the following weekend and is definitely a fall down an entirely other rabbit hole. It also features a stunning cast. We wrap up the festival the Fifth of July with “Ubu Lives!”–eight short plays inspired by Ubu Roi, at which point we most definitely we will be in terra incognita (in a good way). Here there be dragons…. The Ubu plays are helmed by four excellent Portland directors and feature playwrights from across the United States.

Many thanks to our cast, crew, and splendid audience, and here’s hoping you can check out the next installment of Pavement’s Excellent Adventure.