Coming: Next of Kin

Monday, October 20th, my play Next of Kin, about a military family dealing with the effects of the Iraq war, will have a reading at Portland Theatre Works. More details to come.

About Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson has written over 50 plays, with works staged in Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Tampa, and other U.S. cities as well as in Canada and New Zealand. His works include: Waiting on Sean Flynn, Next of Kin, Farmhouse, Malaria, Shelter, Altered States of America, The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Grandamnus, Bluer Than Midnight, Bombardment, Dead of Winter, and Delusion of Darkness. In 2006, his bittersweet Lost Wavelengths was a mainstage selection at Portland Center Stage's JAW/West festival, and, in 2008, won the Oregon Book Award (he also was an OBA finalist in 1992 and 2002). In 1997, he won the inaugural Portland Civic Theatre Guild Fellowship for his play Turquoise and Obsidian. View all posts by Steve Patterson

2 responses to “Coming: Next of Kin

  • MattyZ

    Andrew announced that at my reading of “Boy” this past Monday. I was excited to hear that. Break legs and remind us when it gets closer!

  • splattworks

    Thanks, Matt. Sorry I missed “Boy,” but I had an angels+demons shoot scheduled. (Trying to do Monday evenings for the next several weeks.) I’ll definitely let folks know when we get closer, get a cast, etc. It’s a play that I really need to hear with actors and an audience, so I’m just pleased as I can be for the opportunity.S

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