fields collapse
edges grinding
walls and windows melt
sidewalk spongy to the stride
city lights circle, haloed
drawing tracers
faces bob past, blurring

spinning while stationary
into a sky of stars
shifting blue and then back to white then blue again
a tremor in everything

city of strangers passing through shadows
their voices, footsteps silent
cars whispering, echoing, past
subway a subsonic rumble

falling foward never down
fingertips sparkling
electricity crackling through trees
all surfaces seamlessly melding
changing yet holding shape

rising, looking down at yourself
motionless as foot traffic
flows about you
looking up at yourself
receding against the stars
lost in the crowd, lost in the lights
close your eyes, traveling faster
on your way somewhere else.

slow, a time-lapse
gothic cathedral swells
walls coming loose at the roof
buckling as the ceiling falls
and towers ripple for an instant
then topple
stained glass bursting out
a million pieces of Christ
for miles, buildings shake
a mushroom cloud of colored glass particles
rises and shimmers in turbulent plumes
seen just before you rise into clouds
a purple and gray wash
fading to black

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