O dear readers from across the world….

I’m hoping to get off my ass and do some serious marketing of my plays this fall/winter. Looking for leads–theatres (and their contacts), possible directors or lead actors who might run with a piece, etc.–who might be interested in:

–A couple of tough, gritty full-length dramas about reporters covering war.

–A one-hour surreal mindbender about a guy who literally can’t figure out whether he’s dreaming, on drugs, or dead. Probably an appropriate late night piece. (Available as a world premiere.)

–A two-act bittersweet comedy-drama about an oddball DJ searching the country for “outsider” musicians. (Available as a world premiere.)

–A trio of ghost stories written for the stage.

–A pitch black comedy inspired by William S. Burroughs.

Any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated. If you don’t want your name mentioned in reference to this, consider it confidential; and, if you do, I’ll make sure who gets the credit (or blame, as the case may be). And if you’re not a theatre person but know of a theatre company in your town who might just be into one of the plays, that’d be equally as welcome.

If you don’t want to post here, please e-mail me at: splatterson@mindspring.com

Many thanks,