In 2009, I want to….

–write at least one new full-length play.

–finish the Angels+Demons photo project and arrange a show.

–write a handful of 10-minute plays.

–work with some new, creative folks on a show in a town where I’ve never been produced before.

–work with some old friends on new plays.

–get together with friends and BS, have some laughs, make some music, and/or do some art.

Okay. Your turn….


2 thoughts on “In 2009, I want to….

  1. I have two plays I want to finish: one I left by the wayside when I got the Sloan commission; the other is an evening of short plays.I want to write more regularly. I want to make the time to write, instead of hoping I can steal it from the kids.I would totally get together and make music with you. I have an acoustic guitar, and I’ve played off and on since I was in high school. I lay down a good rhythm riff, and my voice is passable.

  2. Good sound ambitions. (That bike play, I hope.) And the music thing is entirely possible–Deb plays acoustic, a bass player friend has been coming over, I know a couple more guitarists, and another friend who plays…mandolin. (Why, I don’t know.)Happy New Year, sir!

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