Target Sighted and Destroyed

So some typical Weekly World News type writes a bullshit column about Obama’s mother-in-law practicing voodoo in the White House (no racism there, no), and the Wonkette, doing what the Wonkette does best, slaughters her with snark. What does said wingnut do but write to Wonkette with a whining, wheedling cry for…well, it’s supposed to be a plea for understanding, but really comes across more as a cry for help. (Jump, Kristen! Jump!) Upon which the Wonkette and the blog’s commenters rise up en masse to swarm-sting her so mercilessly that you almost want to call out for them to stop, lest the deranged woman be blasted into tiny, jagged pieces.

In other words, it’s the funniest thing since the dismembered Black Knight kept taunting King Arthur. “It’s just a flesh wound!”

Kristen Atkinson in the Lion’s Den

Face it, Kristen. There’s a goat’s head out there with your name on it.

White Rabbit House

…and there nothing like kicking back and doing some shrooms to relieve the stress of dealing with dopey bastards at town halls. Crank up the Jefferson Airplane, Barack!

“But, if we think of existence as a continuum, past and present and future existing simultaneously, man.”
“Uh-huh, uh-huh.”
“Then we can postulate…ah…that…uh…. What was I sayin’?”
“Oneness. No duality.”
“Duality? Or, twoality?”
“‘Cause you said oneness.”
“I did? What were you sayin’?”
(Pause. Insane laughter breaks out.)