The Asshole Heard Round the World

I missed it, actually, the moment when Congressman Joe Wilson (Asshole–S.C.) jumped the shark. I was running late and hadn’t turned Obama’s speech on yet. But I haven’t missed it this morning.

If you have, Mr. Shouty Jackoff yelled “You lie!” at the President during Obama’s speech last night…a genius move that received a sad shake of the head from Joe Biden and a glare from Nancy Pelosi that could cause small animals to wither and die up to a range of 12 feet. Wilson apologized this morning, shortly after delivering his testicles to Rahm Emanuel, who now has them in a cedar box on his desk. And, at varying times during the next few weeks, as the health care bill is being discussed, he’ll invite various House and Senate members to his office, and, at appropriate moments of their conversation, he’ll reach across the desk, pick up the box, and briefly rattle it.

Wilson’s congressional Web site has already crashed. I’m suspecting his mailbox is full.

But the mailbox of his likely Democratic opponent next year is up and running, and so far it’s made a tidy $100,000 overnight.

And a flood of stories are appearing about how everybody who knows Wilson is shrugging and going, “Yep…he’s an asshole.” Good times.

I think a new bumpersticker has just been born: Obama lied? You died.

2 thoughts on “The Asshole Heard Round the World

  1. Not at all on-topic, but, in response to a post on Mead's Blog:Me: "Hey, Trish, there's a place here in Portland that has a sensory deprivation tank."Trish: "It's Portland. That doesn't surprise me."Me: "Here's something else that won't surprise you – Steve Patterson knows all about it, and took Mead Hunter there."Trish: "Steve and a sensory deprivation tank? No. Not a surprise at all…"Sounds like Mead had a blast! You are so good at opening doors, sir…

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