At the risk of whining…

…these are the kinds of attitudes playwrights are up against:

‘Outrageous Fortune’: Playwright book full of whine and din

Please say this with me, in your best Neil Young impression: “All we want is to be paid enough to able to write at least part-time. We don’t even care about health insurance or retirement.”

I know. It’s disgusting of us to say such things. I hereby apologize for all playwrights everywhere and for all time.

P.S.: No insult intended to Mr. Young, whose work I very much enjoy.

P.P.S: No insult intended, either, to all critics, some of whose work I very much enjoy.

Slings, Arrows, etc.

Ah. Aflutter goes the theatre universe, especially its playwrights, now that “Outrageous Fortune: the Life and Times of the New American Play” has finally been published. This is an in-depth study on the state of American playwrights, theatres, and the issues between the two, and it’s pretty much required reading for playwrights, artistic directors, literary managers, and other theatre artists interested in new work who want to get a feel for what it’s really like out there these days (spoiler: it blows).

Some preliminary findings were presented at the TGC conference last summer, but the whole study is now available from the Theatre Development Fund. However, if you haven’t snagged a copy or can’t afford it, a number of theatre bloggers are dissecting the thing, particularly a dedicated group over at Parabasis.

If you know a playwright, talk her or him off the ledge and give this book as a belated holiday present. Then nail shut the window.