The Deed is Done

For the many who have fought for health care reform so many years, especially for the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and, personally, for my mom, Jean Patterson, who fought all her life for patients’ rights, particularly those of our veterans, and would have been so proud if she could have been here to see this: savor this day.

And for those who oppose the bill, there’s much work to be done for our future. Please step forward for the country where we agree and express yourself openly and with dignity where we do not, but let us work together.

Seeing history made is a moving and humbling experience.


One thought on “The Deed is Done

  1. Steve, hate to blow your celebrating but this is the worst peice of legislation in the history of this country. This is nothing but a huge transfer of wealth from taxpayers to insurance companies. The IRS is hiring 16,500 thugs to make sure everyone buys into this and will check your bank account to make sure. Everyone must buy health insurance just to stay our of jail. I've never had it and I don't get sick or go to hosiptals so I don't need it or want it. Never have we ever been forced to buy something in this country. It is unconstitutional. Further, you will have to carry this Health Insurance Card with you where ever you go and they are already seting up checkpoints in Houston. If you don't have "your papers" off to a FEMA Camp with you. This makes this a national id. From there, it will lead to the rfid chip which will also be mandatory for you to put in your left hand. Can you say 666? The worst day ever!Edward

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