Comment Policy: The Rules of the Road

Splatterverse welcomes comments pertinent to the resources or subjects discussed, particularly if a listing proves useful or leads you to a successful endeavor or opportunity. If you get a gig through the Splatterverse, please let us know! Though the Splattworks blog also welcomes comments, these should address the issues discussed (rather than other site content).

If you have suggestions for sites appropriate to the resource pages, please contact me directly. Though I understand the need (and drive) for self-promotion, this site seeks to foster collaboration, not competition. So, if you’re searching for someone to work with, put the word out. If you’re looking to sell stuff, look elsewhere.

The Splatterverse functions as a benign dictatorship and moderates all comments. Personal attacks or racist, sexist, slanderous, or otherwise abusive comments won’t make the cut.

If you have issues with the site content (e.g., corrections, clarifications) or wish to be removed from the resources listed, please contact me directly. If you find typos: I’m working on it.


Steve Patterson


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