From “Lost Wavelengths”


TOM, an outsider musician who releases music but won’t reveal his identity, records a song in the studio with JULIE, his cousin-in-law….

TOM: Those are guitar chords.  That’s what I play.  These are the notes with the words right underneath. I’ll sing the melody, and you try to sing with me.  Not like a duet with harmony.

JULIE: Like I could do that.

TOM: Just pretend you’re singing to the radio.

JULIE: Yeah.  Okay.  I do that.  I can do that.  Sometimes.

TOM begins playing.  TOM sings and soon JULIE sings along.


All the bones in my yard
The prairie wind whisks them
Clean as a razor blade
Peels the bark off the trees
They shake their white fingers
Shake white fingers at me
 There’s nothing here, nothing
Just trucks at the truck stop
Strangers in snow
Eyes asking questions
Answers I don’t know
Funny bald guy on the weatherman show
Talking sunshine in California
Sunshine in California
Walking in the whiteout
I’m just walking in the whiteout
And I’m crying both my eyes out
Bout the nothin’ everywhere
 There’s an empty in my head
Where the snow blows through
And the drifts slowly cover
Crumpled pictures of you
Your hair grows out white
Your eyes fill with ice
Your breath freezes your lips
The snow up to your hips
And its rising and rising
Rising and rising
And rising
 Walking in the whiteout
I’m just walking in the whiteout
And I’m crying both my eyes out
Bout the nothin’ everywhere

TOM doesn’t so much end the song as just stops playing.  Pause.  He shuts off the recorder.


TOM: I was going to have you sing that alone, but I kind of like the way it turned out.

JULIE: Singing together?

TOM: Yeah.

JULIE: Me too.  I almost forgot I was even singing it.

TOM: You just did.

JULIE: Yeah.  Wow.

TOM: I say we leave it like it is.

JULIE: You mean sing it together?

TOM: I mean just as we sang it.

JULIE: Right now?

TOM: Yeah.

JULIE: Well, I made mistakes.

TOM: I like your mistakes.  I made mistakes.  I don’t care.  I like it.

JULIE: That’s how it’s done?

TOM: That’s how I do it.

JULIE: What about, I don’t know.  The stuff they do in the studio?  Production?

TOM: I like it straight, coming right off my fingers.  Like direct.  As it happens.

JULIE: Yeah.  It’s like live.

TOM: Like first live.  Like where it’s being born.

JULIE: That’s intense.  I never heard that before.

TOM: No one’s heard it before.  Not until now.

JULIE: No.  I mean, I never heard of anyone doing it that way.  It’s crazy!


TOM: Just the way I do it.

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