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Turn Your Head and Cough

I’m ruthless, but…damn. This quote from a commenter on the fabulous Wonkette website:

Sarah Palin is kind of like testicular cancer.

If you’re McCain, would you rather just live with the pain and agony it causes for a while longer, or would you immediately amputate and show the world that you have no balls?

And the sad part is…it’s true.

Our Sarah

Well. Isn’t she just a spunky, down-to-earth, snowbilly attack dog from hell?

Also, just from personal experience with similar types: she’s completely batshit crazy.

Good luck.

A match made in…well….

Really, to appreciate what a special team McCain and Palin are, you need to see them together. Gaze, mortals, and tremble….

Meet John McCain’s Vice-President…

Hint: she’s the one with the glasses.