7 thoughts on “Our Sarah

  1. Yeah, but she’s a rip-roaring pro-life pro-gun pro-drill-everywhere you can right-wing Christian, which is exactly what the party wanted to help even things out for the Evangelicals. Now their stomaches aren’t quite so soured about McCain… and THAT’S something to be a little nervous about.

  2. Not to be paranoid, man. But I’m freaking right now. She may be crazy, but the wingnuts she appeals to are even crazier and they vote. And they make the calls and walk the neighborhoods and they prod the rest of their wiggy cabal towards the polls on election day. My fear is that the Left will underestimate her. She wasn’t selected to appeal to the Hillary block, she was short-listed by Rush Limbaugh (he called it, man) weeks before the announcement. Talk about Big Darkness soon come.

  3. She DID lie about selling the jet on eBay. Also being reported right now is more extensive information on just how she supported the “bridge to nowhere” before opposing it. My hope is that little by little her lies will pile up.The fact is, Republicans are outnumbered now by Democrats in the country -the only way for McCain to win is if Independents swing to him in a huge way.The scary thing is the tightening polls – today CBS has them tied, Gallup has tightened to a four point lead – and Palin seems to be the main reason. The reason tight numbers are particularly scary is because many statisticians feel that you can shave up to 4 or 5 points off Obama for hidden racism that will rear its head in the booth. We need him up by 8 or 9 in November to feel confident at all.

  4. All true, but, you know, it’s all about the electoral college as opposed to the day-to-day national trackers, though they can give you an idea on trends. If you want a more politically accurate picture of how things stand, check out http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/By the way, more people actually watched McCain’s speech last night than Obama’s, which I think is a function of the drama building up, the stellar Democratic convention with the Obama topper, then the anticipation built up with the Republicans coming the next week and the intensificaiton with Palin. Last night was McCain’s chance to really sell himself.And he blew. The New York Times reported delegates were falling asleep on the convention floor (though that might have had something to do with a week of booze and hookers). What I’d like to see is how many tuned in and how many watched the whole thing, but we probably won’t get that.

  5. All right, Steve. FiveThirtyEight.com just gave the Elephants the edge in both the popular vote and electoral college. You have been very optimistic about this – are you still feeling that way? Is this really going to be all about the youth/black vote? How skewed are the polls because of cell phones and the like? I’m sensing that confidence amongst Dems is falling into a black hole. And I never had any to begin with. Make me feel better!

  6. You’re not my only friend freaking out, so don’t feel alone. I’m not surprised. Disappointed a little bit, but not surprised. The country has been and continues to be deeply divided, and I always figured it’d be a close election.So here’s my take. This week is the first time McCain has been ahead in the polls. He just came off his convention. He’s ahead broadly (over a number of polls) but not by much–a number of polls are within the margin of error. So we’re basically where we were before the conventions except McCain’s picked up a small bounce, largely due to Palin’s popularity. However, the McCain campaign is overplaying their hand, really just outright lying, and for the first time in the whole of this campaign, the press is starting to call him on it. When you take that and that Palin’s performance on ABC last night, though not a complete disaster, raised serious questions about her experience, I think you’re set for Obama to possibly catch a wave in the other direction. In all likelihood, they’ll keep trading leads from now until the debates (which start at the end of the month), and then the debates will tell the tale. Though Obama has still not completely made the sale, neither has McCain.That probably doesn’t make you feel better, and it’d great if McCain was on cheap street, but there’s a month-and-half of serious madness to go, and a lot of things can happen either way.

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