Open Thread:Where Y’at?

It’s always kind of a kick to pull up my blog’s site meter and see how many of you are reading my demented scribbing and where you’re from. Of late, I’ve noticed a lot more folks checking in from outside the United States: England, France, Portugal, China, even the exotic, far-off, mythical kindom of Canada. So I thought I’d offer this post to give readers a chance to say hello, introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, and why on earth you chose to read the blog of a goofy U.S. playwright and terminal political junkie.

So, if you’re so moved, give us a shout out. Hello, Finland!


About Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson has written over 50 plays, with works staged in Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Tampa, and other U.S. cities as well as in Canada and New Zealand. His works include: Waiting on Sean Flynn, Next of Kin, Farmhouse, Malaria, Shelter, Altered States of America, The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Grandamnus, Bluer Than Midnight, Bombardment, Dead of Winter, and Delusion of Darkness. In 2006, his bittersweet Lost Wavelengths was a mainstage selection at Portland Center Stage's JAW/West festival, and, in 2008, won the Oregon Book Award (he also was an OBA finalist in 1992 and 2002). In 1997, he won the inaugural Portland Civic Theatre Guild Fellowship for his play Turquoise and Obsidian. View all posts by Steve Patterson

5 responses to “Open Thread:Where Y’at?

  • Mead

    Schlip schlapSchlip and schlap awaySchlip schlapSchlap away all daySchlip schlapYou simply can’t go wrongIn traditional schlip schlapping songFinland Finland FinlandThe country where I quite want to bePony trekking or campingOr just watching TVFinland Finland FinlandThat’s the country for me!Thank you, Eric Idle. I’ve never been able to think of Finland the same way since Spamalot. But the Finnish have the last laff, don’t they, Althea? Highest standard of living in the world. All the ice notwithstanding, those people are HAPPY.What was the question again?

  • Patrick Wohlmut

    Istanbul was Constantinople, now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone, Constantinople, now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night…

  • CAWohlmut

    gee, we have such clever friends. I was just gonna ask you to give me a little rant on Nader. I count on you to lead the charge.

  • Trish Egan & Harold Phillips

    Ok… that’s THREE people from Portland heard from 🙂

  • Zack

    I read your blog regularly, because I’m a New Yorker that grew up in Salem, Oregon. It’s great to hear that the theatre scene is thriving over there. Plus . . . I just dig your style, man.

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