Washington Post published poll results that show Obama leading by 9 points. Reaction from McCain campaign?


McCain cancels David Letterman appearance due to the nation’s dire financial situation then does a live interview down the street during Letterman’s taping. Letterman cues up live feed and asks the senator if he’d like a ride home.


McCain demands candidates suspend campaign, cancel debate, to deal with financial crisis. Obama says, uh, no…dumbass. We have planes. We can fly to DC for a vote. Presidents ought to be able to do more than one thing at a time.


Palin gets interviewed by soft-news princess Katie Couric and sounds like a stammering, clueless hick in so far out of her depth that you can only watch through your fingers. Meet the maverick! See the roadkill.


I believe we have finally, for true, followed the black light arrow around the bend. Cue the carnival music.

2 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Yeah… McCain trying to call off the debate(s) (they’re trying to pull the plug on the VP debate next week, too) is really the height of desparation. Come on John – you’re only down by 10 points. You’ve got 40 days! Where’s that vaunted Republican “optimism?”Here’s a You Tube montage of Letterman tonight, by the way… a bone-head move – to piss off a guy who’s going to spend the next 40 days opening up on you in every pre-show monologue. Who the heck is running this campaign?Oh, right… Rick Davis…

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