Goin’ to Mis-si-sip-pi…

Shadowy Advisor #1: …lure him into the debates with–ahem–any means possible. And terminate the Senator’s command.
Barack: Terminate…the Senator?
Shadowy Advisor #2: He’s out there operating beyond the sense of any acceptable political conduct. And he is still on the stump affecting the economy.
Shadowy Advisor #3: Terminate with extreme predjudice.

4 thoughts on “Goin’ to Mis-si-sip-pi…

  1. Well, as it turns out… not so much. Terminate with polished manners seemed to be more Barack’s style. A pity, really, since McCain left so many openings for him to go for the jugular… “I’m a friend of the veterans.” “We’ve got to freeze spending.” Sigh… so many missed opportunities. Ah well… at least he doesn’t seem to have done himself any damage…

  2. Generally, he’s judged to have won, and I think it was probably wise to come off as a statesman. To his credit, McCain did pretty well, though I hope someone calls him out on his description of Pakistan as a “failed state” (it was a troubled democracy…which we should identify with). Kind of a dumb gaffe in a foreign policy debate, but most people won’t give a damn. VP debates next week! Take a drink ever time Sarah Palin says “maverick”!

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