Final Debate Recap

In case you missed the last big debate, here are some highlights.

As you may know, McCain, ever sensitive to racial stereotypes, declared yesterday that he was a-goin’ to “whip his you-know-what.” Here’s McCain during debate prep.

Here they are during the actual debate. Schieffer’s just asked them what stuff they’re going to have to give up because the economy’s totally screwed.

Here McCain finally makes his move, hitting Obama on hanging around with Bill Ayers, who blew some shit up and stuff during the 1960s, when Obama was working on his times tables and we were having another stupid war.

Obama pretty much responds, dude…what? Are you high?

The big move fizzled, and then McCain talked a lot about the American people being scared and angry. (In other words, projection.) And he said Sarah Palin’s a bitchin’ babe who digs puppies. CBS’s snap poll shows Obama winning 53% to 22%. (The remaining percentage was in the restroom or too drunk to respond after playing the “my friends” drinking game.)

Finally, here’s a last, fond shot of McCain immediately after the debate.

The end. Now, let go vote and get this sucker over with.

3 thoughts on “Final Debate Recap

  1. I wasn’t able to watch the debate, but one of the McCain gaffes of the night that I heard about, the one that made me want to possibly sign a suicide pact should it ever come about, was Johnny Boy saying that after the troops come home from Iraq, that he wanted to put them into the school system. As teachers. Uncertified. It was something that not a lot of people registered at the time, but I hope they’re registering it now; because it’s a monumentally stupid idea. Besides not being fair to the students to have anybody who isn’t certified teaching their entire class, it’s not fair to the veteran who, on his first day, with no experience, with no training, will almost certainly be eaten alive by a room full of five-year-olds who are still learning the very basics of how to work in a group, how to be kind and responsible and safe to their neighbors, and how to learn and think in the first place.That is, if said veteran doesn’t go all post-traumatic and start knocking heads together first, or verbally abusing the kids. Not because they’re soldiers, but because they simply have no idea what they’re getting into.

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