Big Rains

Good lord. I wrote a song. I knew buying a guitar was a dangerous idea.

Wind in the leaves
A few left on the trees
Dmaj Amaj Emaj
Waiting on the Big Rains

New stars past the clouds
The Hunter and Hound
Dmaj Amaj Emaj
Watching for the Big Rains

Coming home in the dark
And it’s just five o’clock
Dmaj Amaj Emaj
No escaping the Big Rains

Emin Gmaj
Goodbye to morn
Emin Gmaj
Goodbye to noon
Emin Amin
Goodbye to eve
See you in June

Still there’s part of my soul
Gray, quiet, and cold
Dmaj Amaj Emaj
At home in the Big Rains

About Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson has written over 50 plays, with works staged in Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Tampa, and other U.S. cities as well as in Canada and New Zealand. His works include: Waiting on Sean Flynn, Next of Kin, Farmhouse, Malaria, Shelter, Altered States of America, The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Grandamnus, Bluer Than Midnight, Bombardment, Dead of Winter, and Delusion of Darkness. In 2006, his bittersweet Lost Wavelengths was a mainstage selection at Portland Center Stage's JAW/West festival, and, in 2008, won the Oregon Book Award (he also was an OBA finalist in 1992 and 2002). In 1997, he won the inaugural Portland Civic Theatre Guild Fellowship for his play Turquoise and Obsidian. View all posts by Steve Patterson

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