Thoughts on the Stimulus Bill

Well, they’ve come to some kind of agreement, and, ironically, it’s in the general ballpark of what Obama originally asked for. Which has to be some kind of miracle.

A couple thumbnail observations….

If this pisses off people on the far right and far left, they probably got it where it’ll do the most good.

Parts of it will suck.

$789 billion (the number being bandied about) is better than $0 being spent on a stimulus, and the one thing we do know from history is that government spending (sorry, conservatives) promotes growth. (It promotes inflation, too, but I think that’s the last of our worries right now.)

Unless this sucker falls apart between now and Monday, when Obama’s planning to sign it, Barack Obama has already been a devastatingly effective president. (Whether it saves the economy or not remains to be seen.)

It seriously blows to be a Limbaugh conservative right now. Heh.

We should all strap it and put on our helmets. This is going to be “interesting”….


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